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Free Tamiya Parts Service

We can replace your broken tamiya rc parts with 3D Printed replica parts free of charge assuming the following criteria are met.

We Don't Already Have The Part

This offer is only available for parts that we don't already have a design for. You can check our part list here but we do also advise checking with us before sending your parts in case we are currently working on that specific one.

Your Parts Are Mostly Complete

Broken parts are okay but you do need to send the whole part even if it's in bits, if half of it is missing then we likely won't be able to get enough information to make a new one.

Your Part Is Printable

Most parts are printable but there are some limitations, if you are unsure it's best to send us a photo of the part first and we can confirm the printability

You Pay Postage Both Ways

We won't charge you for any design work (Normally £45 per hour) or charge you for the final part but you do need to pay for the return postage. You can either send us a pre-paid label or we can invoice you for the postage when the new part is ready

Assuming you meet the above criteria, you can send us your parts and we will copy them and send you one free set along with your original parts back. We then own the design for the part and will go on to sell it as part of our catalogue

 Interested? Contact us to arrange sending your parts in, when you do send the parts, please provide as much details as possible about what the parts are and what car the belong to.